an intuitive approach to great relationships!


Welcome my friends

Each of 'our' relationships - platonic or intimate - share a common but alterable factor in their evolution, success, or    failure; the 'me' factor.
-Robert E. Hall


Relationships, particularly the romantic type, do NOT have to be dead-ends or all-or-nothing propositions that leave us feeling: trapped, unappreciated, unfulfilled, misunderstood, deceived, bitter, or alone? If you are interested in this book, it is likely because you desire and deserve to have healthy, happy, and lasting relationships with others.

Question 1. How many times have you pursued a friendship or a more committed type of a relationship only to discover that you really didn't like the other person?

Question 2. Do you find it difficult or uncomfortable: making new social friends? retiring or letting go of bad relationships? trusting family bonds? relating to and/or befriending co-workers?

Question 3. Would you like to experience more balance, more depth, more trust, more control, and more personal satisfaction in your day-to-day life?

"Become a better friend!"

by learning:
 ·         The differences between: the 3 relationship conditions, the 3 types of involvement, and, the 3 levels of affection 
·         To understand and to empower your Personal  Operating System 
    ·         To share the authentic you by speaking your truth and by living your brand(s) 
·         To identify and to understand the 4 social styles and the 4 temperaments 
·         To understand what creates and what maintains healthy rapport 
·         To improve your friending behaviors and to live by the relationship pact 
·         To identify the 4 attachment styles and to increase your emotional intelligence 
·         To manage your relationship cycles effectively using  7 relationship strategies 
·         To identify introverts and extroverts and to avoid undesirable control dramas 
·         To identify and to grow new friendships from compatible acquaintanceships using the relationship ‘profiler’




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